Come On Tour With The Jason Parker Quartet!

by Jason on March 5, 2010 · 8 comments

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Come on our Magical Mystery Tour!

It's coming to take you away!

On May 6, the Jason Parker Quartet will hit the road for our very first tour! We’re renting a van and spending 16 days on the glorious highways and byways of the Western United States. We’ll play 11 shows and bring our music to fans new and old from Seattle to San Diego and back (full tour itinerary). Dreams can come true!

As you can imagine, this is no small feat, and certainly not an inexpensive proposition. Costs are quickly mounting, including van rental, gas, food, lodging, artist fees, personal masseuse, go-go dancers, fog machine, pet sitters (OK, maybe not those last few, but you get the picture). All in all I figure the total cost of the tour will be somewhere in the $7000 range. And that’s if the van doesn’t break down somewhere near Boring, Oregon

We are an indie band. What does that mean, you ask? Well, part of that is of course an attitude of fierce independence in everything we do. But what that really means is that we don’t get any money from a record label. Don’t get me wrong, I love our record label, Broken Time Records, but there’s no tour support to be had from them. This tour is being financed by us.

And hopefully, in some small or large part, by you.

I am coming to you to humbly ask that you help us live out our dream of becoming a touring band by donating a few of your hard-earned dollars to the cause. In exchange, I have come up with various gifts to entice you to give a little. But the gifts pale in comparison to the undying and overwhelming gratitude we will heap upon you, and the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll have from head to toe knowing that you are the reason we are able to bring the music to the people!

If you’re planning attending one of the shows on the tour anyway, think of this as buying your tickets in advance, and maybe adding a few more bucks on top to grab one of our stylin’ thank you gifts. Just let me know which show you’ll be at and I’ll put you on the guest list, + 1! You’ll be the envy of all the other folks there when you stroll up to the doorman and say “I’m on the guest list” with a proud smile on your face!

There’s been a lot of talk about the death of the music industry recently, and particularly the death of jazz. We’re here to tell you that jazz is alive and well, and that the only thing that is dying is the bloated, monolithic structure that made up the business of music for the last few decades. We’re out here fighting the good fight and making exciting music, and with your help we can spread that music and the joy that comes with it practically from Canada to Mexico. Now that’s worth a few bucks, isn’t it??? We hope you’ll say yes.


Below I have listed the various gifts you will receive by donating to the cause. All you have to do is click the PayPal button below and fill in the amount you wish to donate (you don’t even need a PayPal account, just a credit card). If you’d rather send a check, you’ll find our address at the bottom of the list.

Make Your Donation To The JPQ Spring Tour Today!

All donations of any amount include free admission for you and a guest to the JPQ show of your choice, either on this tour or at a future date, and the following:

$5 – A postcard from one of our picturesque stops, signed by the band

$10 – The postcard plus a free download of live recordings from the tour

$25 – Everything above plus an exclusive video thank you, shot on the road

$50 – Everything above plus downloads of all three JPQ albums

$100 – Everything above plus all three JPQ CD’s

$250 – Everything above plus ashtrays from every city on the tour

$500 – Everything above plus a DVD documentary of the tour

$1000 – Everything above plus a limited edition framed, signed tour poster

$7000 – Everything above plus you get to be our roadie! That’s right, you’ll come along with us on the big tour. Ride in the van, eat crappy food, help us load our gear in and out of the venues, sleep in seedy motels…you’ll be livin’ the dream right along side the JPQ!

Send checks, money orders or cold, hard cash to:

Jason Parker Quartet
PO Box 95428
Seattle, WA 98145

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