What Is This “Kickstarter” Thing You Keep Talking About, Jason?

by Jason on November 20, 2010 · 0 comments

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Kickstarter Explained

I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Jason Parker Quartet’s Nick Drake project on Monday and have been talking it up on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In just a few short days the project is 43% funded! Thanks to all who’ve made their pledge of support so far.

I’ve realized, however, that if you’re not a total internet geek like me, you may have no idea what Kickstarter even is, so all my talk has meant nothing to you. I want to rectify this situation, since this Kickstarter campaign and your support of it are extremely important to me.

I was going to write a long blog post explaining the history of the music business, it’s rise and fall, and the new models of producing records that are available to independent musicians like me. BORING! 😉

Instead, I found an amazing video put together by a musician named Christopher Pappas, who is also using Kickstarter to raise funds to put out a record. This is a better and more entertaining explanation than I could ever give!

As Christopher states, the music business has undergone dramatic change. The record labels are no longer in control of what you hear…you are! In essence, YOU are the new record label. This gives you incredible power. You are the one that can help the JPQ make a fantastic record and get it out into the world, thereby enabling not only me, but the entire band, to live our dream. How cool is that?!?!?!

If you are excited about the prospect of being intimately involved in the creation of new works of art, please consider supporting my Kickstarter campaign. Every pledge of just $10 helps immensely and gets us one step closer to our goal. And every pledge entitles you to all sorts of cool rewards and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to our whole process.

Thank you for your support! I hope you know how much it means to me, and how excited I am to have you on board. I can’t wait to share the new music with you!

If you’re feeling particularly generous and inspired today, why not throw Christopher a few bucks too? Look at you go, you philanthropist! 😉

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