Seattle Weekly Calls the Jason Parker Quartet “Jazz I Didn’t Hate”!!

by Jason on October 13, 2010 · 1 comment

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Not if its the JPQ!

Last week The Jason Parker Quartet had an amazing time playing at the Seattle Weekly’s REVERB Fest. The festival was really well run and turned the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle into one big musical mish-mash. Rock, funk, country, electronic, hip hop and jazz were all represented and everyone, bands and attendees alike, seemed to have a great time.

The Weekly’s writers have been posting their reviews and thoughts on the blog, and today I found a review of the JPQ show! It’s in a post titled “Reverb 2010: Four Excellent Stoner Rock Bands, The Best Karaoke Rendition of “Loser” I’ve Ever Seen, and Some Jazz I Didn’t Hate”.

You can click the link above to read the full article, but here is the part about the JPQ:

On my way back, I followed a friend into Volterra and was greeted by the Jason Parker Quartet. I do not listen to much jazz. I’ve always felt a little guilty because I don’t especially care for the genre, as if it makes me some sort of culture-less boor. Apparently, though, I’m not that much of a culture-less boor, because the Jason Parker Quartet’s combo of trumpet, keys, upright bass and drums completely sucked me in. During the show, the Curious Mystery’s Nic Gonzalez told me that bassist Evan Flory-Barnes pretty much always plays with top-notch musicians; I believed it.

Rockin' Volterra with Josh, Brad & Evan

Thanks to Sara Brickner for stopping by our show and giving us one of the best compliments we can ever receive. The fact that people who say they don’t like jazz tell us that they love our performances gives me hope that all we have to do is get in front of people and show them that jazz can be alive and exciting and fun.

Jazz lives, baby!

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Jazz Site October 14, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Well, the guy needs to listen to more jazz. I am writing a book about learning how to appreciate jazz. There is a lot of jazz that is fun and exciting.

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