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borderJason Parker Quartet – “No More, No Less”
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Kitchen Sink Package – $15.00 – Includes “No More, No Less” CD, high-quality download of all songs, plus a free bonus download of the album “Jason Parker Quartet BONUS Tracks – Live at LUCID, June 19, 2009”. This includes five great recordings featuring the quartet plus special guests Cynthia Mullis, Michele Khazak and others

CD & Download Package – $10.00 – Includes “No More, No Less” CD and high-quality download

CD Only Package – $8.00 – Includes “No More, No Less” CD only

Download Only Package – $5.00 – Includes high-quality download only

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<a href="">Bashert by Jason Parker Quartet</a>

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Jason Parker Quartet

<a href="">Mamacita by Lucid Live Records</a>

Available only with the purchase of Jason Parker Quartet “No More, No Less”

Recorded June 19, 2009 at LUCID Jazz Lounge, Seattle, WA. Released October 24, 2009 on LUCID Live Records.

<a href="">Bashert by Jason Parker Quartet</a>

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Recorded live for JazzTV on The Seattle Cable Access Network, March 15, 2008. Released January 14, 2009, Jason Parker Music.

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<a href="">Down by Jason Parker Quartet</a>

Recorded February 1, 2007 at Embassy Studios, Seattle, WA. Released June 1, 2007 on Broken Time Records.

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Water Babies

<a href="">Kozmo&#8217;s Couch by Water Babies</a>

Recorded February 12, 2005 at Chang Studios, Seattle, WA. Released November 19, 2005.

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