Jason Parker Quartet Pays Tribute to Nick Drake on Aug. 27th

by Jason on August 20, 2010 · 4 comments

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Listen to the song that started this project while you read on:

<a href="http://music.oneworkingmusician.com/track/three-hours">Three Hours by Jason Parker Quartet</a>

Mark your calendars for the 27th!

I’m so thrilled about my next show with the Jason Parker Quartet. Our Nick Drake tribute project has been in the works for almost two years now and it will finally see the light of day!

I have been a fan of Nick Drake’s music for many years, since first hearing his debut album “Five Leaves Left”. His haunting melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics resonated with me immediately. I was thrilled when his song “Pink Moon” was featured in a Volkswagen commercial in the Spring of 2000, bringing Nick back into the public consciousness.

I taught myself how to play a couple of his songs on the piano years ago and in doing so realized how well suited they are for interpretation and exploration. His compositions are sparse enough to lend themselves to all sorts of different arrangements. Two years ago I worked up an arrangement of his song “Three Hours”, which we recorded for our latest album “No More, No Less” (click the play button at the top of this post to listen while you read on). This song matched the open-ended style of the JPQ so perfectly that I decided I would do arrangements of the nine other songs from “Five Leaves Left” and we would record a tribute to Nick and his wonderful debut album.

It’s taken me a while to get around to it. In the ensuing time we released “No More, No Less” and embarked on our first tour. The project got a big boost when I was awarded an Artist Assistance Program grant from Jack Straw Productions to record the CD. This summer I finally found the time to get the additional arrangements completed and we will unveil all of this new music at Lucid Jazz Lounge on Friday, August 27th. We’ll be joined by two of my favorite musicians in Seattle, Cynthia Mullis on tenor sax and Michele Khazak on vocals.

This night is the culmination of lots of hard work. I’ve poured my heart and soul into these arrangements and I’m so ready to lay these new tunes on you. I hope that you will join us for what promises to be a beautiful night of music and community at Lucid.

Showtime is 9:30pm and there is no cover charge! Come have a drink, listen to the new tunes and hang with the JPQ!

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Jose Gonzales August 20, 2010 at 12:25 pm

Excellent stuff, J. Can’t wait to here more from this project. Mehldau turned me onto Drake, and then when I heard the originals, I just about lost it- I know you guys will come up with some special stuff. Congrats!

Michael Owcharuk August 20, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Knock ’em dead, I will be there in spirit.

Kai Weber
Twitter: fruehlingstag
August 21, 2010 at 3:10 am

Everybody remember to ride a Volkswagen to the concert lounge!

Jazz Site October 13, 2010 at 8:14 am

I am sure this was an awesome performance. I like your blog and look forward to reading more fantastic information.

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