Incredible Review of “No More, No Less”!

by Jason on June 9, 2010 · 2 comments

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Click the Logo to Read the Reviews

Click the Logo to Read the Reviews

Michael Anderson of Gear Diary has written about me before, here and here. He’s a big believer in the “Pay What You Can” model that I’ve been using for my CDs sales for a while now and I’ve appreciated the fact that he’s singled me out as a strong proponent of the idea.

Today he emailed to tell me that he wrote “quickie reviews” of a bunch of recent jazz releases, and mine was one of them. In fact, he leads with mine and has some really amazing things to say about the disc. One standout quote is this:

It is a recording that is filled with great tunes, wonderful improvisation, and insightful interplay from start to finish.

I’m also honored to be reviewed along side the likes of Dave Holland, Stanley Clarke, Darcy James Argue, Brad Mehldau, Paul Motion, John Zorn, Chick Corea, Chris Potter and many other incredible artists.

Read the reviews at Gear Diary. If you’d like to purchase “No More, No Less” for yourself please visit my music page.

Big thanks to Michael for all of his support!

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Michael Owcharuk June 10, 2010 at 2:22 am

Right on Jason! I have just returned home from playing an OWCHARUK 5 gig. Tonight, I took another tip from you and tried the “pay what you can” approach as I was giving the bandstand spiel. You know what? It worked. I sold some CD’s to my favorite kind of customer: strangers. Family and friend support rocks and is vital don’t get me wrong, but complete strangers off the street buying your record is a good feeling. The “pay what you can” approach was enabled by another tip I got from you: micro-patronage ( I hyphenate, you don’t, all the same). Because production of my record was supported by many kind and generous people, I can turn around and offer my art at a price that is affordable to all. Thanks dude! You are my online hero! A topic I would love to see you address: micro-patronage sustainability. What are your thoughts on how often, for what purposes, and the fear: what if people get tired of the asking? Weird sentence I know, but I write how I speak. So thanks again Jason for being so open and substantial with your hard-earned information.

Twitter: 1WorkinMusician
June 10, 2010 at 11:29 am

SO glad to hear that PWYW worked for you, Mike! I have still not heard of anyone saying that it hasn’t worked, which really warms my heart.

I believe that if you give your fans the option, they will do the right thing. Trust is a powerful motivator!

As for Micropatronage sustainability, I think I’m still too early in the game to speak on that, but I do have some thoughts rattling around. I’ve done it twice now, and plan to launch a third program for my upcoming Nick Drake project. Maybe after the third go-round I’ll be able to formulate some opinions.

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