Happy Birthday To…Me!

by Jason on December 9, 2010 · 2 comments

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Gonna party like it's my birthday!

Today is my 43rd birthday. I expect presents. Lots of ’em. Big ones, small ones, medium ones. Presents wrapped in colorful paper and beautiful gift bags. Presents sent in the mail and delivered by hand. Presents that are hand-made and store-bought.

And let’s not forget cake. And cookies. And cupcakes. And brownies. With frosting, chocolate chips, cream cheese icing and nuts. With candles on top. 43, to be exact.

There will be cards sent in the mail, Facebook wall posts, emailed wishes, Tweets galore. If you see me you’ll slap me on the back, shake my hand, give me a big hug and kiss.


I know I’m terribly hard to shop for, but I have a solution: how about a pledge to my Nick Drake Kickstarter campaign? $10, $20, $50…whatever you can afford. The best birthday present you could give me would be to help me reach my fundraising goal so that when we hit the studio to record “Five Leaves Left: A Jazz Tribute to Nick Drake” in three weeks we can make the best possible record.

I’m Kidding…Sort Of

OK, so I kid about all the presents and cake and slaps on the back. Balloons would be nice, but not necessary.

However, if you can find it in your heart to make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign I sure would appreciate it. We have exactly two weeks left to raise the remaining $2000. And remember, it’s all-or-nothing – if we don’t reach the goal I have to forfeit all the pledges and I receive no money at all. It all goes kaput. Bye-bye. Sayonara.

That would be a bummer. But you can help make sure that doesn’t happen by making a pledge. Any amount gets us that much closer to our goal and is appreciated more than you know. Will you make your pledge today?

Thanks SO much for your birthday wishes and your support!

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wayne December 14, 2010 at 4:17 pm

looks like you got 1000+ dollars since we ventured into the fray. happy Birthday!

Twitter: 1WorkinMusician
December 15, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Thanks Wayne! We’re almost up to 80%. One week to go…

Thanks for your support.

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