Almost immediately after the completion of our last CD, I started to mull over ideas for our next one. Such is the life of the working musician! I came up with a number of ideas, including an album of my compositions, an album of my favorite standards, an album of pop covers. All those would’ve […]


After years of planning and preparation, today is the day the Jason Parker Quartet heads into the studio to record our new CD, “Five Leaves Left: A Tribute to Nick Drake”! I am so excited to spend the next three days making beautiful music with my dear friends Josh Rawlings, Evan Flory-Barnes, D’Vonne Lewis, Cynthia […]

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Yesterday I found out that I did not receive the grant I applied for from the City of Seattle for my Nick Drake Project. While it would’ve been nice to have their support, I know that grants are a crap-shoot that I can’t expect them. The good news is that now I know and can […]


I am thrilled to report that I have been awarded a 2010 Artist Assistance Program Grant from Jack Straw Productions! Jack Straw is a non-profit multidisciplinary audio arts center that provides a production facility that is unlike any other in the region for local artists who work creatively with sound. They host annual residencies for […]


My friend Spekulation has made a name for himself as a dope MC. He is also really good a remixing music to use as beds for his flows. Check out his killer album The Bite, which features some of Seattle’s best young jazz, soul and R&B musicians. He’s working on a new album now with […]


Now that the CD Release Party for my new CD “No More, No Less” is behind me I must turn my attention to the next step in the process: How do I get people to actually hear the darned thing? In this post I will detail a few of the steps I’ve taken to get […]


Last year I had the pleasure of recording with the great Seattle band Visqueen. Led by Rachel Flotard, Visqueen is a kick-ass rock band that is about to blow up big based on the new album, Message To Garcia. Today I found out that CNN’s music maven Peter Grumbine loves the record, and talked about […]


Today I started an experiement called the 100 CD’s Project. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I borrowed it from an artist and writer named Christine Mason Miller, who did her own version called the 100 Books Project. I thought it was such a beautiful idea that I wanted to recreate […]


I’m gearing up for the CD Release Party for my new album, “No More, No Less” from the Jason Parker Quartet. The party is still a week away, but I’m working on the set list, rehearsing the band, doing hand exercises so I don’t get fatigued from all the autographs I’ll sign. 😉 It’s a […]


Yesterday was one of those days that was filled with anticipation. I received word from UPS that 7 boxes of my new CD were on the truck for delivery at 5am. It was hard not to sit on my stoop and wait for them to arrive all day, but I tried as best I could […]