TODAY IS THE DAY! Click the play button to listen to the whole album I’m so happy to announce the release of my new CD with the Jason Parker Quartet! Five Leaves Left: A Tribute To Nick Drake is officially released today. It features our take on all ten songs from from the legendary British […]


I’m SO excited to announce the release of the new CD from the Jason Parker Quartet! Five Leaves Left: A Tribute To Nick Drake will be released digitally on March 29, 2011. The CD will follow in April. I couldn’t wait any longer to make it available, so you can pre-order both the download and […]


Over the last couple of days I realized that I’ve been feeling a sense of fear and anxiety about my Nick Drake Project. Not about the outcome – I know that the music we make will be incredible. Not about the process of making the music – the musicians involved are all dear friends who […]


Yesterday I found out that I did not receive the grant I applied for from the City of Seattle for my Nick Drake Project. While it would’ve been nice to have their support, I know that grants are a crap-shoot that I can’t expect them. The good news is that now I know and can […]


I’ve been following Mike Masnick ever since I first saw his presentation at MIDEM about Trent Resnor’s success with direct-to-fan marketing. The way he states the formula is the way I have been operating since I dove into the blogging/tweeting/social networking world: Connect With Fans (CwF) + Reason To Buy (RtB) = The Business Model […]

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Over the past year one of the people I have come to “know” and greatly appreciate is Amanda Palmer. I used quotes there because I only know Amanda in the internet sense, as I read her blog and follow her Tweets. I’ve written about her once before and I’m constantly amazed at the way she […]


Michael Anderson of Gear Diary has written about me before, here and here. He’s a big believer in the “Pay What You Can” model that I’ve been using for my CDs sales for a while now and I’ve appreciated the fact that he’s singled me out as a strong proponent of the idea. Today he […]


Fresh on the heals of my highly successful tour with The Jason Parker Quartet, I decided to give a free touring seminar on Ustream today. I had such a great time talking with all sorts of wonderful musicians about what worked and what didn’t. It was an amazing experience to have us all in one […]


One year ago today I started this blog. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I thought it would be helpful both for me and for others if I chronicled my life as a working musician. My hope was that I might inspire others to take the journey which has […]


I will be giving a FREE touring seminar on Ustream on Wednesday, June 2nd at 6:00pm Pacific Time! I just returned from a two-week West Coast tour with my band, The Jason Parker Quartet. The tour was a huge success on all fronts, and I learned a ton acting as booking agent, PR firm, marketing […]