Almost immediately after the completion of our last CD, I started to mull over ideas for our next one. Such is the life of the working musician! I came up with a number of ideas, including an album of my compositions, an album of my favorite standards, an album of pop covers. All those would’ve […]


Tonight at 7pm my new band, Tango Ahora!, will make it’s debut live on the internet, thanks to the new technology called the Google Plus Hangout. Google Plus is the new social networking site from the internet search giant. I hopped on board early, and have found it to be sort of a cross between […]


Last week The Jason Parker Quartet had an amazing time playing at the Seattle Weekly’s REVERB Fest. The festival was really well run and turned the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle into one big musical mish-mash. Rock, funk, country, electronic, hip hop and jazz were all represented and everyone, bands and attendees alike, seemed to have […]

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I know I’ve been talking about this a bunch lately, but this is the last time you’ll hear about it. Why? Because today is the last day for you to help send the Jason Parker Quartet to Iceland. If you’ve already voted then we thank you so much, and you can stop reading now! If, […]

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My band, The Jason Parker Quartet, is in the running for an all-expenses paid trip to Iceland to play at the Iceland Airwaves Festival! All we need to get there is about 30 seconds of your time and 3 clicks of your mouse. Here’s a little video I produced to explain: Please take one minute […]

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I’m thrilled and honored to be featured in an article in Cowbell Magazine about DIY Jazz musicians alongside such heavyweights as Darcy James Argue and Ken Vandermark. If you aren’t familiar with these cats, you should follow the links and get familiar! Argue put out one of the finest albums of 2009 with his big […]


It’s been a dream of mine to visit Iceland for many years. The scenery, the people, the artistic community all seem so cool! Now, with your help, my dream could become a reality! The Jason Parker Quartet is one of the few jazz bands featured in this year’s Seattle Weekly REVERB Fest. They are holding […]


This past Saturday I had the pleasure of playing with the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble at a wonderful festival in Seattle called Sounds Outside. The festival is in its fifth year and is presented by the Monktail Creative Music Concern, “a collective of composers, musicians and artists based in Seattle, WA who thrive o­n the […]


Recently I had two experiences that made me think about how fortunate I am to have a band that has been playing together for three years now. The first was an interview I did with Jason Crane for The Jazz Session, an online show focusing on in-depth interviews with jazz musicians. The second was seeing […]


This week I had two gigs that reminded me how fortunate I am to play with the folks I do. The first was Thursday night, when Clave Nagila played at Egan’s Ballard Jam House in Seattle. This is a project I started to blend Latin-jazz with the Jewish melodies I grew up singing at synagogue. […]