October 2010

Over the last couple of days I realized that I’ve been feeling a sense of fear and anxiety about my Nick Drake Project. Not about the outcome – I know that the music we make will be incredible. Not about the process of making the music – the musicians involved are all dear friends who […]


Yesterday I found out that I did not receive the grant I applied for from the City of Seattle for my Nick Drake Project. While it would’ve been nice to have their support, I know that grants are a crap-shoot that I can’t expect them. The good news is that now I know and can […]


Last week The Jason Parker Quartet had an amazing time playing at the Seattle Weekly’s REVERB Fest. The festival was really well run and turned the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle into one big musical mish-mash. Rock, funk, country, electronic, hip hop and jazz were all represented and everyone, bands and attendees alike, seemed to have […]

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I know I’ve been talking about this a bunch lately, but this is the last time you’ll hear about it. Why? Because today is the last day for you to help send the Jason Parker Quartet to Iceland. If you’ve already voted then we thank you so much, and you can stop reading now! If, […]

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