September 2010

My band, The Jason Parker Quartet, is in the running for an all-expenses paid trip to Iceland to play at the Iceland Airwaves Festival! All we need to get there is about 30 seconds of your time and 3 clicks of your mouse. Here’s a little video I produced to explain: Please take one minute […]

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This Friday marks the debut of a new project that I’ve been working on for some time now. I am launching a new podcast called Jazz Now! Seattle which will air weekly and feature the best jazz music that Seattle has to offer! As a recent New Your Times Article pointed out, there is a […]


The Jason Parker Quartet hit the road for a two-week tour in May 2010. We were equipped with audio, video and cameras to document the whole experience. You can find all posts about the tour here. We began our last morning in Palm Springs the way we began each day at the Ace Hotel – […]


I’ve been following Mike Masnick ever since I first saw his presentation at MIDEM about Trent Resnor’s success with direct-to-fan marketing. The way he states the formula is the way I have been operating since I dove into the blogging/tweeting/social networking world: Connect With Fans (CwF) + Reason To Buy (RtB) = The Business Model […]

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Thanks to The Sunbreak, I am now a published jazz journalist! I’ve been a fan of the online magazine for some time now. Their coverage of Seattle arts, politics, culture and news is perfectly suited to my tastes and gives an accurate representation of what our fair city is all about. I’m excited that I’ve […]


I’m thrilled and honored to be featured in an article in Cowbell Magazine about DIY Jazz musicians alongside such heavyweights as Darcy James Argue and Ken Vandermark. If you aren’t familiar with these cats, you should follow the links and get familiar! Argue put out one of the finest albums of 2009 with his big […]


It’s been a dream of mine to visit Iceland for many years. The scenery, the people, the artistic community all seem so cool! Now, with your help, my dream could become a reality! The Jason Parker Quartet is one of the few jazz bands featured in this year’s Seattle Weekly REVERB Fest. They are holding […]


On Tuesday Sept 7th, I’ll be playing at the Beta Lounge in Berkeley with guitarist Rob Michael, pianist Darin Wilson, bassist Steve Uccello and trumpeter Dave Hoffman. This gig will be the first time this group has ever played together. In fact, many of us have never even met in person before – we all […]