April 2010

The 100 CD’s Project began on October 20, 2009 as an experiment in getting my new CD out into the world. You can see all the posts relating to the project here. I was so excited when I logged into the Jason Parker Quartet’s Facebook Fan Page and found a note from one Karl Birkir […]

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It’s finally here! The Jason Parker Quartet West Coast Tour starts in one week! We’ll be leaving on May 6th to travel the highways and byways of the West Coast, from Seattle to San Diego and back. This is a big new adventure for us and we’re putting it all on the line to make […]


The JPQ was featured on the long-running Sonarchy Radio show on KEXP this past weekend. If you missed the broadcast Sunday night, click the play button below to stream the show. My thanks to Doug Haire for having us on. And as always, much love to my amazing band: Josh Rawlings, Evan Flory-Barnes, D’Vonne Lewis […]

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Hello from sunny New York City! I’m in the Big Apple to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday and can’t believe how beautiful it is here. Yesterday we took a walk in Central Park, where the sun was shining, the cherry blossoms were blooming, and the street musicians were out in force! I’m looking forward to […]

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The Zubatto Syndicate, Owcharuk 5 and Water Babies, three bands from different corners of Seattle’s Jazz scene, will take the stage at Seattle’s famed Crocodile Cafe this Thursday. The Croc, as we locals call it, opened just as the Grunge revolution was taking flight, and was home to early concerts by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, […]


I started regularly reading about 50 jazz blogs a little over a year ago. Since that time I’ve been turned on to new music and new ways of thinking. I’ve talked with fascinating people and even threw my two cents in about some controversial subjects (here and here). I enjoy talking about music and jazz, […]