January 2010

Every jazz trumpet player in the world has some kind of relationship with Miles Davis. Love him or hate him, study him or eschew him, we’ve all had to deal with Miles in some way. He’s that much of a giant. In a career that spanned 50 years, Miles was at the forefront of many […]


I was so proud to participate in the Seattle Jazz Community Haiti Quake Fundraiser last Wednesday. I played at LUCID Jazz Lounge with four of my great friends, and there were 6 other bands in 6 different venues up and down University Avenue in Seattle. Overall we raised more than $4000 which will be sent […]

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I had a truly remarkable “full-circle” moment last Friday that I’ve been wanting to share with you. You can read some of the backstory here. The short version is that 35 years ago I had a life-changing experience when Dizzy Gillespie and his band descended on my elementary school and played a short show for […]


The tragic earthquake in Haiti has hit close to home for the Seattle jazz community. David Pierre-Louis, owner of LUCID Jazz Lounge and one of the biggest supporters of jazz in Seattle, flew to Haiti on Thursday to search for his family and the family of friends. Thankfully he was able to find his mother, […]

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The Help Haiti Blog Challenge

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My wife alerted me to yet another way to help spread the word about people in the blogosphere doing things to help out with Haiti earthquake relief. Through Danielle LaPorte at White Hot Truth.com she found out about the Help Haiti Blog Challenge put together by Kelly Diels. Kelly says: You’ve got something to offer: […]

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UPDATE: Lucid and other University Ave businesses are planning a benefit on Wednesday. Details ASAP. I’ve been seeing the images from Haiti off and on for the past day and I can’t even believe the destruction and tragedy that is happening there in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake. The word tragedy gets thrown around a […]

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As I mentioned in this post, 2010 is the year The Jason Parker Quartet will finally tour. We have been playing together for almost 3 years now, have 3 CD’s to our name, and have played some out-of-town gigs around Washington State. But we’ve never crossed a border. With the release of our latest CD, […]


If you’ve read any of my online bios or the early post on this blog called First, a Little History you already know my Dizzy Gillespie story. If not, read on… When I was growing up we listened to lots of classical music around the house, as my dad was a big fan. The first […]