100 CD’s Project Update – CD #71 Found in Reykjavik!

by Jason on April 30, 2010 · 1 comment

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The 100 CD’s Project began on October 20, 2009 as an experiment in getting my new CD out into the world. You can see all the posts relating to the project here.

CD #71: Mosfellsbakarí Bakery

CD #71: Mosfellsbakarí Bakery

I was so excited when I logged into the Jason Parker Quartet’s Facebook Fan Page and found a note from one Karl Birkir Flosason.

Karl is an incredible photographer from Reykjavik. You should check out his Flickr page and his blog for some amazing photos. He found CD #71 at Mosfellsbakari where it was left by my accomplice Sunna Gunnlaugs.

Here’s what Karl had to say:

“Hey man.

I picked up one of your CD’s in a bakery in Iceland a few weeks back. My expectations weren’t high, as I had no idea what to expect, but when I put the CD in the player and it started rolling as I made some coffee, I remember thinking “hey, this is nice jazz”. Then the coffee was ready and I was sitting and chatting with this amazing girl (who actually suggested that we should take the CD) I started thinking again, “woah, this is some seriously nice jazz!”

I love that idea of leaving a CD with a letter around coffee houses and bakeries, and I have some really wonderful memories connected to that CD.

And I dig your music. Did you play in any concerts in Iceland that I regretfully missed out on?”

No tours of Iceland yet, Karl. But with your’s and Sunna’s help, perhaps we can make it happen. That would be a serious dream come true!

Thanks for checking out the music and taking time to write. I’m really enjoying checking out your photographs!

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