100 CD’s Project – CD’s Dropped in Reykjavik, Iceland!

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The 100 CD’s Project began on October 20, 2009 as an experiment in getting my new CD out into the world. You can see all the posts relating to the project here.

Thanks to my friend and wonderful jazz pianist Sunna Gunnlaugs the Jason Parker Quartet CD “No More, No Less” is now scattered around Reykjavik, Iceland! I love how far and wide I’ve been able to disperse the CD’s through this little endeavor. To think that someone in Iceland is groovin’ to the JPQ warms my heart!

Sunna emailed me today and gave great accounts of the whole process:

“Hi Jason, FINALLY…..

CD’s were mailed to Iceland on Dec 2 and took their sweet time to get here. One might think we’re living in pre-airplane times. I think the CD’s actually spent Xmas in Denmark along with 15,000 other packages meant for Iceland…. at least they weren’t lonely.

I carefully chose the locations to drop off the CDs and did so on different days.

CD #72: Mosfellsbakarí Bakery

CD #71: Mosfellsbakarí Bakery

The first one was dropped off at a Bakery/Cafe in Mosfellsbær, just outside Reykjavík, called Mosfellsbakarí. There is a music school that I teach at across the street so I hope that someone with the right set of ears discovered it. I’m not sure if I messed up the order but I think this was disc 71.

CD # 73: Kaffitár Cafe

CD #73: Kaffitár Cafe

Disc 73 went to another coffee house, this one called Kaffitár at Kringlan shopping center in Reykjavík. I walked by a half an hour later and it was still there so I decided to move it a little and put it on the other side of the fence next to a table. Before I had the opportunity to shoot a new photo a couple came and sat down. I didn’t stick around to see if they took it.

CD #74: Tónastöðin Music Store

CD #74: Tónastöðin Music Store

Disc 74 was dropped off at Tónastöðin music store in Reykjavík. The staff really liked the idea of dropping off CD’s like this. I decided to put it next to the trumpet material so it might be a while until someone finds it.

CD# 74: Gló Restaurant

CD #75: Gló Restaurant

Disc 75 was dropped off at Gló Restaurant in Reykjavík, offering raw and cooked wholesome meals. If ever in Iceland, you got to check this place out and I highly recommend the raw food. It will leave you sizzling with energy all day.

CD #72: Kaffe Kúltúra

CD #72: Kaffe Kúltúra

Disc 72 was dropped off at the Monday night Bebop Jam at Kaffe Kúltúra in Reykjavík which is organized by Mulinn Jazzclub. A minute later a saxophonist came and picked it up. He seemed thrilled and I hope he emailed you.

I am glad I could take part in your project and sorry it took so long.

Best regards,

No, thank you, Sunna! As I said, I’m thrilled to know that my CD’s have made it to Reykjavik and hope it’ll lead us to much fame and a tour there ;).

Now you should all go check out Sunna’s music and spend a few bucks to download her CD’s. They are great!

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